Tattoo contest winner

Kasandra & Mark

Tattoos are a unique kind of art because they are not only displayed on a multi-dimensional surface, they are also displayed on a moving multi-dimensional surface.

This means that a tattoo’s shape can literally change as the person moves, and it also means that the shape of your subject’s body and the position you photograph him in are at least as important as the tattoo itself.

October 3, 2015
Athlete Portrait Shooting

Steve Arnold

A great day and a great photoshoot. It's fulfilling when not only are you happy with the final images, but your model is impressed and happy to be a part of the experience.
March 27, 2016
Couple Shooting

Alice & Stephen

Did you know that “nearly 40% of engagements occur between November and February”?

When preparing for a photoshoot, it’s easy to get caught up making sure your gear is good to go and connecting with your clients, but one thing you don’t want to overlook is how to pose your couple. 

One of the key things I do to prepare for a photoshoot is to create a gallery of photos to serve as a moodboard to track inspirations and references. This is a helpful tool to communicate the look & style you’re going for with your clients and crew, like hair & makeup artists.

September 24, 2018
Family Shooting


Newborn images capture priceless memories for a family.

April 8, 2013
Couple Shooting

& Stephan

Get to know your couple and their dynamic before your shoot.

Listen for details about how they communicate with each other and what they’re passionate about.

During the shoot, interact with the couple by asking them to recount their first date or how they met. This will give them a chance to connect with each other.

Keep things moving by asking the couple to stay in motion.

June 25, 2018
Portrait Photography

Brian Idol

Unobtrusive candids seek to be fly-on-the-wall images that catch people going about their business seemingly unaware of the camera and the photographer.

Photographs are records of the photographer's relationship with his or her subject. In consensual candids, the relationship can be either obvious (the subject looks directly into the camera) or subtle—the relationship is implied because the image feels more intimate. We sense that the photographer was physically close to the subject and that the person was aware of being photographed.

January 18, 2012
Portrait Photography

Timor Johnson

Instead of traveling the same road that everyone else travels, make your own way. Most of the abandoned and grunge photos I have taken are the direct result of taking back roads, and avoiding highways.

Every small town will always have at least one ghost road, at least one abandoned building, and generally a handful of friendly people who will be more than happy to suggest places that a photographer might be interested in. When in doubt, ask someone who lives or works in the area; those with a lot of local knowledge will be most helpful.

June 3, 2018
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